Automatic document closeout, custom backgrounds and more with the latest Jamboard release 6 years ago

Jamboard helps businesses collaborate more efficiently by bringing the power of the cloud into their team brainstorms. With this latest Jamboard release, we’re adding new features to help you customize that experience for the unique needs of your organization.Automatic document closeoutJams can now be automatically closed if left open on a Jamboard kiosk for longer than a period of time if/when configured by the admins. This feature is configurable in the settings page of the Jamboard Admin console under “Document Timeout.”Custom backgroundsUsers can now select custom backgrounds for their jams. There’s a list of 7 unique background and patterns to choose from. Each background will be applied to the jam across all devices.Custom screensaver messagesAdmins can now create a custom message in the Jamboard Admin console settings page under “Screensaver Message.” This message will display as a ticker on the Jamboard screensaver.Object connectorsYou can now connect shapes on the Jamboard together by drawing lines between them.Landscape support for mobile devicesUsers can now interact with jams in landscape mode on both iOS and Android Jamboard mobile apps.For a full list of new features and improvements from this month’s release, check out the What’s New in Jamboard page in the Help Center.Launch DetailsRelease track:Launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled ReleaseEditions:Available to all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, and Education customersRollout pace:Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility)Impact:All end usersAction:Change management suggested/FYIMore InformationHelp CenterLaunch release calendarLaunch detail categoriesGet these product update alerts by emailSubscribe to the RSS feed of these updates

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