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24/7 Online Support

Our support service will be available whenever you need it. You can access it, through our online site, by mail or by calling a local number.

  • We provide a 7 × 24 support Help Desk, including weekends and holidays, to help users in your organization with their IT support needs.
  • The online support system will allow you to register and track tickets, and you can designate a manager to follow the tickets of your entire company.
  • We have certified staff and constantly updated in the current technologies, whether they are On-Premise or Cloud.
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User's portal

Our online support center allows you to track all the tickets you have requested. If you are responsible for the systems area you can see all the tickets generated for your company.

  • All alerts and news about the world of technology will be available on the portal.
  • Manage your contact information, email, telephone, address and language preferences.
  • Chat online with our support and sales representatives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Knowledbase Premium for Registered Users

Register and access our Premium knowledge base

  • Computer security documents
  • Security threat alerts.
  • Guide to best practices, tricks, secrets that will make your life easier online.
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Managed Services

We offer all the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the cost of your support staff

  • We reduce the business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence
  • Priority to any unforeseen event that could occur in the event of a failure in its infrastructure
  • We cover all aspects of the network: security, data protection, applications and hardware
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Antivirus Update Status

Every antivirus solution is effective, as long as it is kept up-to-date. These tasks demand a daily activity of monitoring of updates, both for servers and work stations and mobile teams.

Our support managers monitor their antivirus consoles to prevent their computers from being updated. This way you can take preventive measures that will benefit the health of your networks.

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24/7 Infraestructure Monitoring

Our 24/7 Monitoring Service is one of our services that plays an important role for the uninterrupted operation of your critical business applications. You can prefer our service that ensures the determination of the problems that can occur in your applications through proactive monitoring tools, and that guarantees the adoption of measures against these problems for your indispensable business applications.

The scope of Monitoring Services 24/7 system are as follows;

Definition of the critical IT components in the system monitoring infrastructure,

The formation of the active matrix of its IT components of services,

The examination of the warnings that come from the IT components and that perform the first intervention to the possible problems.

The problems that can not be solved in the first level are recorded in the service management infrastructure, and they are informed that the second level support team or for our clients.

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Help desk Outsourced

Since the birth of Net Universe in 1993, we focused on providing an excellent level of services and a pleasant experience in our customer support center.

To offer this service of excellence, we have members of our team that work in our service offices dedicated exclusively to providing solutions, be it desktop support, your network or the most complex servers and services.

Our help desk team can work as part of a partnership if you are an IT manager looking to get additional support for your business.

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Sophos Platinum Support

As Sophos’ Platinum Partner , we provide our configuration, start-up and support service, providing a turnkey solution for your Sophos Next Generation Firewall and UTM solutions. The same solution is provided for the entire Sophos product line, whether Endpoint or Server Protection, Intercept X, Safeguard, Email Security and mobile security products.

We offer you post installation support where we provide you with reports that allow you to know exactly what is happening with your users. Solve problems quickly and design your policies while keeping your users protected and at the same time increasing network performance. In addition, you will receive detailed reports as standard, stored locally and without the need for additional tools.

Clear graphics show you usage trends with predefined and customizable reports that provide key information about web activity. Thanks to the anonymity of the reports, the names of the users remain hidden, and the principle of supervision is necessary to show them.

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