Revolutionary. All in one. Amazing.

Zoho One includes more than 35 web applications with complementary mobile applications so you can manage your entire company in a single set. The real offer is as follows: You will obtain complete business editions of the entire Zoho set. This means contacting customers, increasing sales, balancing accounts and working productively and collaboratively from any device; all with a single login and password.

Unique integration

Zoho One connects sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and much more. It also provides contextual integrations to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and vendors. With an integrated set like Zoho One, you will always have the right information in the right places and empower your employees to do a great job. Traditionally, this would require an astronomical IT budget and an army of consultants to force everything into place. Zoho One allows all those costs and complexity to be a thing of the past.

One account. Total control.

Zoho One offers you a secure account for all your applications and full administrative control. Finally, it will have a set of credentials for the whole set, instead of a long list of passwords for the different applications it uses. Zoho One also gives owners and managers full control of the company’s data. From managing teams and employees to accessing applications and security policies throughout the organization, Zoho One gives you the power to manage your business efficiently.

We do everything
Our partners help us do more.

Zoho’s growing developer environment, its Marketplace extensions and a global network of partners enable Zoho One to be enhanced. We made Zoho One expandable, so that our technology partners can customize our applications to meet their unique needs through a broad set of sectors. These applications and custom extensions of our powerful applications are available to you through the Marketplace. Meanwhile, our more than 1000 implementation and training partners are available to help you, locally, when you need it.

* One set * One account * One price * One invoice * One support team * One vision

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