What you see is what you get: Sync read-only files offline 7 años ago

Sync read-only files

Consider this: your typical workday involves coordinating with clients, creating and storing documents on an online file management tool, and sharing copies of those files with your colleagues. However, when they’re synced to an offline device —for instance, your client’s desktop— the file becomes editable locally, but it doesn’t sync back to the online file management system. For someone who works remotely and needs to constantly collaborate with their clients, it would be a tedious and challenging task to be working on the wrong versions of the same file.

Up until now, syncing cloud files and their access permissions on multiple devices hasn’t been a seamless experience. Synced files and confidential files with read-only permission could be edited and modified in the local device. Even though the changes didn’t reflect back in the cloud files, this posed a problem to many teams and industries in retaining the integrity of a confidential document.

That’s why at Zoho Docs, we have refined our desktop sync to let you share files both internally and externally, without worrying about access permissions. With the improved, ‘read-only sync’ for shared folders, you can now have control over the content of your shared files. A client will now not be able to edit files locally unless they have the proper permission. If the client then needs to edit a file, they can request permission to do so right within the Zoho Docs desktop application and see their changes mirrored in the original document right away.

Zoho Docs sync is constantly evolving, and we are working to improve and provide you a seamless syncing experience. Download Zoho Docs sync for your desktop and control what you share.

In case you have any feedback or suggestions, you can add them in the comments below or shoot us an email to docs-support@zohocorp.com.

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