Dive (or run, swim, vault…) into the Olympics with Google Trends 8 años ago

This year’s Olympics in Rio brings together 10,500 athletes from 200+ countries to participate in 306 events, from archery to wrestling. To help you get even more out of the Games, we’ve created a Google Trends Olympic Hub where you can find fun facts, data insights, feature pages on sports and athletes, and more.

Olympics Trends Hub
Throughout the next few weeks, Google Trends will give you a unique view into the games with a new

Here’s some of what you can expect from Trends over the next few weeks:

  • Search insights revealing what the world is wondering about the events—from fencing to synchronized swimming (and every moment in between!)
  • Data interactives like our alternative medal table and top searched sports per country
  • Trending sports and athletes lists, showing what’s of interest at any given moment

Explore Trends in a new way
As you explore the site, you may notice something else—a new Google Trends Explore page. With a fresh design and features like a color-coded map, you can analyze search data in new ways. For example, you can compare interest in previous Olympic Games over the years:

Every four years, the Olympics captivate the world’s attention. We’re excited to be able to help fans get even more out of the Games with insights from Search.

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