Zoho Mail: The new UI is here, and we’re giving your Tasks a makeover 8 años ago


Hello there! We’re moving to a brand-new UI, and we’re giving Tasks a makeover. Starting September 15th, your tasks and notes will be available exclusively in the new UI. They will no longer be available on task.zoho.com.

Change is good

task.zoho.com will be sunset on September 15th, 2016. It is (part of) the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the product evolution of the Zoho Mail suite – Mail, Docs, Calendar, Chat, Tasks, Notes and Contacts. All these products in the Zoho Mail suite will be shedding their old look, and donning the brand new, simplified and intuitive UI. Over 4000 users in Zoho Corp alone have been using it for over a year now, and we can’t wait to share the same refreshingly new experience with all our users. We know it’s a step in the right direction – nearly 80% of our users have already migrated to the new UI!

Tasks + Streams: New. And improved too

Zoho Mail truly is more than just an inbox. Social media has changed and/or influenced the way we communicate, in both our personal and professional lives. A recent study showed that having social-media like features in your email client, can reduce the time you spend in your inbox by up to 25%. Which means you get more time to get your work done. We’ve stayed ahead of the times, with innovative features like Streams. In a nutshell, Streams is a social-media style hangout for your organization, sitting right in your inbox.

With Streams, ‘share’ emails instead of forwarding them. Streamify means you keep your inbox clutter-free.

Streams takes the old-school project management, and gives it a fun and easy social-media spin. For example, creating and assigning tasks is now as simple as highlighting a piece of text from the body of an email you just received; and ‘@’ mentioning your colleague/team. And this works just as easily when creating Events (Calendar), or Notes. Just like you would mention someone in a comment on a Facebook post. Or like how you would tweet/Instagram to someone. All this, without ever leaving your inbox. Streamify equals simplify.


Highlight – mention – assign.

A project could have numerous deliverable components, and more than one person could be working on the same project. In Tasks, you can organize this hierarchy by creating one task for the larger project, and then associating sub-tasks under the same task. Each sub-task can be assigned to different people.


Assign sub-tasks in a project to different people.

When you Streamify, you do away with the clutter of sending/receiving multiple emails. A discussion around a Task assigned to an individual/group (which would automatically appear as a post on Streams) can now be a clean and simple thread of comments; much like a comments thread on a Facebook post. You can even attach relevant documents from Docs when you assign/share a Task. Users/groups receive notifications instead of emails, each time there is new activity on a Streams post.


‘@’ mention colleagues to share/assign Tasks, Notes or Events.


Discuss about a project with your colleagues via comments on a Streams post. Or just share a general status update.

To demonstrate exactly how serious we are about our commitment to incorporating social-media inspired elements into our productivity and collaboration tools, our next update will introduce a ‘Timeline’ for each Task. The Timeline will narrate the lifecycle of each task – who started it and when, a chronology of the updates as they happened, and who closed the Task and when. You don’t have to call for a meeting to discuss the progress of a task, exchange emails, ping someone on chat, or call up on their extension.

Ask What You Can Do For Your Product..

As we make these determined strides towards this major UI overhaul, it is very important that you have all your data migrated well before the deadline, and familiarize yourself with the new interface. Should you face any issues during or after the process, please feel free to contact our Support team, and someone will be in touch with you to help you out. However, we will support task.zoho.com (and all data stored/accessed from it) only till 15.09.2016.

To ensure your tasks/notes remain accessible to you in the new user interface, migrate all your tasks/notes on or before September 15th, 2016 (15/09/2016).
Kindly note: unless migrated, your tasks/notes will not be available post this date, and you could risk losing your data.

‘So What Exactly Do I Need To Do Now?’

When you land on task.zoho.com, you will be asked to migrate your tasks and notes to the new UI. Just click on the link, and we will take care of the rest for you. Upon successful migration, all your tasks will be accessible from the ‘Tasks’ tab on the left pane of your inbox (in the new Zoho Mail UI). Likewise, you will see all your notes under the ‘Notes’ tab. Just to clarify, the task.zoho.com service will remain functional. But the URL itself, i.e task.zoho.com, will henceforth redirect to the ‘Tasks’ view under the new Zoho Mail UI; i.e, https://mail.zoho.com/zm/#task

Once you’ve migrated them, you will be able to see and access all your tasks/notes in the new UI. Remember, this is a revamped user interface. The core functionality has been built upon, and souped up with some new features so you and your organization can now get even more out of Tasks and Notes, in a much easier way.

NOTE: Group tasks/notes alone will not be migrated.

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