Looks good. Feels good. Improved file preview with Zoho Docs. 7 años ago

Zoho Docs file preview

Nothing leaves us satisfied like a quick sneak peek of what’s next.

With mobile phones, internet and laptops at the center of modern life, we’ve seen how significant ‘preview’ really is. That’s why Zoho Docs has improved its file preview experience to ensure you get work done quickly and effectively.

Why “View” when you can “Preview” instead?

1. A common set of tools for all your files.

Get the same experience across all your files with our new preview toolbar. Whether you’re checking the house plan your architect sent over, or presenting a slide deck at work, find the options you need—zooming in, full screen view, image rotation, etc.—in the same place every time.

2. Better streaming, no more lag.

Everyone knows the hassle of receiving large media files over the internet. If you just want to preview it, why download the entire file? Watching videos and images online is faster with our enhanced preview function.

3. Feed your curiosity right away! Quick file viewing with Zoho Docs.

Say goodbye to the spinning wheel of death, and stop downloading unnecessary file viewing software. Whether you’re looking up an important sales number or checking the shipping address for your latest sale, preview lets you browse your files without having to save the entire bunch.

4. View Office files and more.

Zoho Docs preview supports over 160 file types, including all Office files—text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations—pdfs, gifs, .movs, .ppt, .pptx, .ods, .odt, etc. With the new preview, you can view your content-heavy files in their native format without having to convert them.

As with everything we do, Zoho Docs is constantly evolving and improving. So stay tuned!

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