Introducing Email Genie: Bring the power of your website and CRM data to Email 7 años ago

Imagine that you were in a rush to board a plane, replied to a prospect in a hurry and later realized you sent an half-baked email and blew up a $50K deal? Can you afford to take such actions when they have a direct impact on your company’s revenue? Shouldn’t you be more cautious in closing these deals?

Let’s look at statistical data:

  • 72% of consumers say that email is their favored mode of communication with companies they do business with.
  • 64% of decision making done in email is sent through mobile devices.

The ability to respond rapidly through email is a two-edged Sword. Without the context that your CRM provides about where a potential customer is in their purchase journey, an off-the-cuff reply is as likely to ruin the deal as it is to close it. Sending timely responses isn’t enough to connect to your prospects— you need to combine quick response with context to increase sales conversion.

Introducing Email Genie, a SalesIQ plugin that plays well with any of your hand held devices. It shows you the important details about a prospect when you view email they sent. With 3 simple clicks, you can close a deal:

  1. Open the prospect’s email.
  2. Check the contextual data that Email Genie pops up.
  3. Reply to your prospect with the context you need.

Email Genie won’t let you miss out on potential leads.

Be Instant.Be Contextual.

When you receive an email from your prospect, Email Genie will fetch information about them from SalesIQ and list it along side the message:

With these details, you can draft personalized replies to your prospects, which have a much more positive effect than a autogenerated response.

No Toggle. No Hassle.

Don’t waste time switching back and forth between mobile applications when you’re on the go. Email Genie will display the most recent data on your prospect right within your mail app. Just configure the integration from your mobile device and start closing deals faster than ever.

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