Customer Spotlight: How Zoho Assist simplified Ross Garner’s daily life? 9 años ago

Zoho Assist Customer Spotlight

Ross Garner runs a software solution business named Xinfo in Melbourne, Australia that caters to the needs of a niche market, the local building industry. His company offers an office management solution, XINFO Building Information Manager to address the needs of his customers.

The Challenge

Garner has been in this business more than 15 years. Once the customer base started growing, the need for support and training his customers became a demanding task. He had to travel extensively, and it started consuming all his time and energy. So he started exploring options to support customers remotely to save time and money.

“I tried Teamviewer and LogMeIn,” Garner said. “Both were ridiculously priced and highly restrictive. I used Ammyy Admin too, but a lot of customers faced troubles using it. Hence, I started searching for a better alternative, and one day I accidentally landed upon Zoho Assist. From then, I never looked back.”

Life with Zoho Assist

Ross was deeply impressed with the quick connectivity. He says, “It worked trouble-free over a wide range of customer internet connections including Satellite that are usually very slow.”

The ease with which he connected his customers to a remote training or troubleshooting session using Zoho Assist was another factor that made him love the product.

“I love the Get Support plugin that gets installed on remote customers’ computers,” Garner said. “I simply pass the session ID to my customers, they enter it through the plugin and instantly I take control of their computer. Customers always want a simple way to get connected to a remote session. I found it with Zoho Assist and it made my life much easier.”


After Zoho Assist, Garner says remote troubleshooting and training his customers became an easy job. It helped him focus on other areas of his business thereby increasing his overall productivity. He always recommends Zoho Assist to his peers and friends.

“There are a number of remote software solutions out there in the market that lack in functionality such as dual monitor support,” he said. “But Zoho Assist is one solution that is enabled with multiple monitor support and easy file transfer to remote computers. It offers a generous 30-day free trial and affordable pricing model. To put it short, it’s a fantastic product!”

If you are someone who is looking for a remote support or remote access software for your business try Zoho Assist today! It’s free. No strings attached.

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