Announcing the newest member of the Zoho CRM Plus Customer Engagement Suite: Zoho Motivator. 7 años ago

Being a sales representative is difficult. More often than not, they feel the burnout of trying to close that final deal to complete their monthly target. What if you could get your sales team out of this glitch, and help them sell better and drive more results?

This is what our new announcement is all about. Introducing the newest addition to the Zoho CRM Plus Customer Engagement Suite – Zoho Motivator. Zoho Motivator adds another dimension to customer engagement by driving it through sales activity management.

Zoho Motivator is the perfect complement to Zoho CRM Plus. It works out-of-the-box and uses existing data like leads, potentials, and contacts from your Zoho CRM Plus account to show you how your sales team is performing, where they need improvement, and what you can do to help them. With sales gamification tools, such as contests, targets, leaderboards, and personalized scorecards, Zoho Motivator helps you maximize revenue, drive engagement, and close more deals in less time, all while having fun in the process.

  • Boost revenue.
    Get insights about your sales process through metrics like Pipeline Velocity or Pipeline Stages, and identify the bottlenecks that are negatively impacting your revenue. Organize them into KPIs, such as leads generated or deals won, and use them to measure the performance of your sales teams.

  • Drive desired sales behaviors.
    Targets inside Zoho Motivator give your sales reps a clear direction of what needs to be done. Align your organizational goals to actionable items by setting targets for daily activities (e.g. ”Complete client calls by noon” or ”Meet prospects every Friday”). Your reps can keep track of these targets with personalized scorecards, on-demand reports of their current sales activity which allow them to monitor their progress.

  • Increase team engagement.
    Competitiveness is a shared attribute among your salespeople. Create contests to increase team engagement and add a dash of fun to those routine sales tasks. Foster healthy competition between multiple teams, promote the best players, and motivate them by showcasing sales and contest winners on leaderboards on big-screen TVs. Zoho Motivator also provides a convenient on-screen ticker that displays real-time notifications, so everyone knows how they are doing in the current contest or sales period.

We could go into more reasons why we made Zoho Motivator a part of Zoho CRM Plus. But if we could narrow it down to one thing, we’d put it this way: When you make sales fun, you get results. And at the end of the day, results are what matter the most to your company.

Try out Zoho Motivator with Zoho CRM Plus, and share your experiences in the comments below. Or if you haven’t seen the power of Zoho CRM Plus, start your free trial here.

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