Zoho ShowTime – Now available in your language 7 años ago

We at Zoho ShowTime believe that a trainer should be able to train students anywhere in the world. If physical distances don’t matter, why should linguistic barriers?

Yes, you asked and we heard you! Thanks to popular requests from our valued users, Zoho ShowTime’s latest incarnation, supports multiple languages. Here’s a list of languages you can now use for ShowTime in addition to English:

1. French
2. German
3. Italian
4. Spanish
5. Portuguese
6. Japanese
7. Chinese

Zoho ShowTime has recently witnessed an uptick in its user base from non-English speaking countries. This has encouraged us to develop and roll out our app with localized content, catering to users who are proficient in other languages. We hope that ShowTime’s more inclusive UI continues to help trainers deliver engaging and memorable training.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with these thoughts:

Apportez votre formation virtuelle à la vie.
Contratar. Evaluar. Iluminar.

We’d love to hear about your experience using ShowTime. Sign up with us today and experience ShowTime in the language of your choice. If you have questions or thoughts that you’d like to share, write to us at support@zohoshowtime.com or leave your comments below.

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