Zoho Projects now comes to iPads and Android tablets. 7 años ago

Recently, all that’s changed at Zoho Projects is everything. Well, almost. With the new web version and our new apps for iPad and tablets, you not only have access to more project data but have access to it wherever you are. Our existing iPhone and Android apps have also gone through a major upgrade. Here’s a roundup of the newest improvements.

What’s new in this version?

The new version not only comes with a revamped UI, but also gives you the power to do most of the things that you do on your laptop. Here are a few:

– The Kanban view is here for mobile! Visualize your workflow and rearrange tasks and bugs by dragging and dropping them across columns.

– The app’s new Home view lets you know immediately where to focus. Tasks and bugs are organized into categories, such as those assigned to you and those that are overdue.

– When you have a comment to post, give it context with attachments. Attach more than one image or document at once.

– Create subtasks for your tasks, log the hours you spent on them, and attach related documents from the Task Details page.

– Choose between the minimalist Compact view, or the all-inclusive Detailed view.

– With the introduction of the Timesheet module, you can record your time as well as keep track of work hours with daily, weekly, and monthly views. Enter hours yourself, or use the inbuilt timer.

– Easier access with the folder wise view of documents.

The list goes on! Color themes, portrait and landscape modes, material design makeover for Android, new user sign up, and split screen for tablets​.

How Zylker Builders use mobile apps and web version together to get projects done on time

The video below gives an overview of the new features. Read on for the story.

Zylker Builders are designing and building a new two-storey apartment for their client, Leester Donnelly and Sons. Helen Collins, the project manager, spends a good amount of time in her office. She makes plans using Gantt charts and tracks progress using reports. However, Steve Banks, the supervisor, is mostly on the site. He uses the Zoho Projects mobile app to know how the project is progressing. Steve also stays in touch with engineers and contractors through status posts and comments in the projects feed, saving him many long and tiring phone calls.

After a visit to the site, Lin Brenn, the engineer, feels that some tasks have stalled, causing resources to be put on hold. On her way back, she taps the iPad app and re-prioritizes these tasks. This takes no time at all, since Linn just needs to drag the tasks across columns in the Kanban view. Now Steve knows which tasks are on high priority and which ones can wait. As tasks get completed, Steve also closes them in the project, so everyone in the team is aware of the progress.

Back at the office, Helen is pleased to view that things are on track. But Steve knows projects like this one don’t stay uneventful for long. Construction workers are busy laying the plumbing lines, but it doesn’t look like there are enough pipe joints for them to complete all their work. Steve quickly files this as a Show Stopper bug and assigns it to John Marsh, the contractor. John gets a notification on his Android phone of this issue. He procures the required material and resolves the bug.

Like most projects, a few more issues arise, but with everyone in touch across devices, they get tracked and fixed quickly. And the project finishes on time. The Donnelly Apartments construction is now a success, thanks to Zoho Projects‘ web and mobile apps.

Already running your projects online with Zoho? Download the app for your Apple or Android device, so you can carry your projects wherever you go. New to Zoho Projects? Sign up from your laptop or mobile phone, and give it a go!

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