Zoho People gets a make over bundled with new features. 8 años ago

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Zoho People 3.0. Zoho People, our human resource solution, is getting a better look and feel with a brand new UI. We present a sleek new interface designed for easy navigability and coupled with smart features to greatly improve your Zoho People experience.

No more worrying about performance appraisal seasons.

The much awaited Performance Appraisal module is now in our list of supported features!

That time of the year can be stressful for HR personnel who have to constantly ask managers for performance reviews. Finally, Zoho People makes it easy to automate performance reviews and run performance management in a way that engages your employees.


Performance reviews helps to identify the skills of your employees and the places they can improve. With Zoho People you can set and track goals, gather 360-degree feedback, run employee self-appraisal and multi-level reviews. You can get insights on individual and organizational performance with comprehensive performance reports.


Maximize your reporting capabilities with Zoho Reports integration.

The new Zoho People UI greatly improves your reporting capabilities. Say you need to get a sales team travel expense report for the last three months, and need to categorize it based on stay, travel, food expenses, etc. Before, creating this report would have been cumbersome. But now, thanks to the tight integration with Zoho Reports, HR departments can extensively customize reports and gather valuable insights a number of ways.


Take control with improved administrative features.

As an account administrator, setting up your Zoho People account should be easy. That’s why we’ve enhanced the setup experience so you can import your employee details, configure approvals, and perform a number of other basic tasks quickly from the convenience of your administrator dashboard.


This separate admin dashboard provides you easy access to important data like attrition and new joinee reports. You can also find it simple to customize forms, enable permissions, and making mass updates.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Try out our new version and let us know your feedback.

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