Work with charts, play with charts. 7 años ago

When it comes to information, there are two kinds of people: those who like to receive their data in words, and those who want to enjoy it visually. For folks in the second group, ideation tools like charts and graphs can tell a story effectively with just a picture.

Descriptive reports have depth, but graphical reports are smart and fast. Charts make patterns and trends in numerical data much, much easier to see, and make reports accessible to busy people by easily highlighting main themes. Presenting a comparison in chart form helps viewers understand your point quickly, saving time and explanations. So to make it easier to get your point across, we have come up with a major update with features that help you visualize data properly, convey your ideas perfectly, and shine bright like a diamond.

You probably see business charts at work all the time. But in addition to all the hard work we do, we all have some fun at work too, right? Fun is essential! Whether it’s filming a mannequin challenge or playing a harmless prank on your colleague, it’s important to have fun at your workplace.

So, if you can have fun at work, why not have fun with charts too? Chartistic is not just for business. That’s why we’re introducing our updates using some work-related charts that, well, aren’t exactly serious business.

1. We have brightened up our color palette so your pie charts look livelier.

2. We have revamped our design throughout the app to create a neater and cleaner interface.

3. You can now export charts with either a black or a white background. If neither of those works for you, that’s okay, we have a transparent background mode thrown in just for you!

Hopefully, our update will give you more energy and inspiration, even if your work week doesn’t:

Paul Rand once said, “Design can be art, design can be aesthetics, a design is so simple, which is why it’s complicated.” We understand this, and we want to make sure our interface is as simple as possible to let you design the best charts. So go ahead and use Chartistic to get your work done! But don’t forget to have fun too. ????

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