That ‘sync’ing feeling – Introducing Zoho CalSync for Android. 7 años ago

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Point noted, Alan Lakein. But there certainly is such a thing as ”too much planning.” The average office worker’s calendar is usually a bunch of different calendars stacked on top of each other; each fighting with the other to nail down every possible day and hour of the work week — a product release schedule, a social media feed schedule, a schedule for attending events on the road, a client meeting, a sales call, a team lunch (yay!) and on and on. Wait, we nearly forgot your personal calendar’s holidays, travel plans, bill payments, birthdays, anniversaries…phew!

Organizing your appointments and schedule definitely helps, especially when there’s never a shortage of distractions which can get this close to successfully making you forget where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing. You probably have over a dozen tabs open in your browser as you’re reading this, an email notification popping up every few seconds, and an almost constant itch to steal a look at your smartphone. So a calendar definitely has its place of honor at the workplace. But it doesn’t exactly help when there are so many calendars to keep up with, making your calendar another source of distraction. Let’s say you sign out for the day but still need to keep a tab on the goings-on at work. You wouldn’t want calendar notifications to add to the deluge and bum you out at home or when you’re out and unwinding for a bit.

So how do we solve this problem? We build another app for it, of course! Because well, you know, since you’re already looking for excuses to check your phone, you might as well have a productive one. Yes, we previously used the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol to enable wireless syncing between Zoho services (Zoho Contacts, Zoho Mail and Zoho Calendar) and your mobile device. But now, we have a 100% organic, home-grown sync adapter.

Meet the Zoho CalSync app for Android. With Zoho CalSync, you can stay updated with your work schedules from Zoho Calendar, on your Android smartphone. (Note to Apple fans: You can configure bi-directional synchronization between Zoho Calendar and the OS X calendar, and/or the iOS calendar for your iPhone/iPad, using CalDAV .) But more importantly, you can pick and choose specifically which calendar(s) you deem important enough to receive updates from. We know quite well that there’s never a shortage of distractions on your phone. So we made sure you’re able to filter out the noise, and focus on the calendar entries that actually matter.

Once you have installed the app, add ”Zoho” from under ”accounts” on your Android device’s calendar. After that’s done, you can check your work calendars, anywhere, any time. Zoho CalSync will keep your Android calendar synced with the latest events and entries from your official calendar(s), so you never overlook any appointments once you sign out for the day. You can even create events and add entries on your Android calendar, and they will get synced with your Zoho Calendar; so you can make or change plans and schedules, even while you’re on the move. Now, you can keep an eye on your appointments while making your personal plans.

With Zoho CalSync, you stay in control of exactly what, when and how:

  • The What – Pick and choose exactly which calendars you want Zoho CalSync to sync your Android calendar with.
  • The When – Zoho CalSync runs in the background, and you configure how often to run a sync between your calendars.
  • The How – Sync your calendars over WiFi only or over WiFi and mobile network.

Go ahead and give it a try. We’ll set up another appointment later to find how it’s working out for you. Until then, here’s hoping you stay in sync.

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