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Zoho CRM makes it easy for customers to reach out across multiple channels, track the customer experience and get a single view of the customer. However, as the size of our customer’s businesses grow, it becomes difficult to reach their own prospects despite having more channels, processes and more SalesSignals; only super-human intelligence can deal with that. There’s only so much we as humans can do.

That’s why we are giving our customers their own assistant with the super-human intelligence that can save your sales. Meet Zia, the artificial intelligence-powered sales assistant.
A good assistant anticipates your needs before you know what they are and has your best interests in mind. That’s Zia.

Zia knows how your business works and wants you to make more sales. By learning how each salesperson uses their account, the data they enter and the activities they perform every day, Zia provides performance-based interpretations, solutions, and predictions. Any assistant can look at your records at the end of the month and tell you where you stand, but an AI can do this even before the month begins. Zia has begun her duties of an assistant fairly recent and like anyone else, she’ll keep improving as the job wears on.

What can Zia do?

Zia can see the future – in the form of intuitive reports and dashboards. Her analytics (like the activities involved with following up sales) give an in-depth view of the activities that go into making a sale, and how each activity affects your sales and your future growth. Based on this data, she forms a timeline of how you’re performing compared to how you’re expected to perform. And that information lets Zia point out any anomalies.

Zia knows when something goes wrong – or right. She informs you when something doesn’t go as it should— such as a drop in the number of leads created, contrary to your lead creation trend. Because Zia learns how your business works, seasonal variations (like no activities on weekends) are taken into consideration to give you accurate results. So the next time you’re wondering why sales are low, check your trend dashboards for red dots.

Zia knows how busy you are and how valuable your time is – She hates seeing you waste your time with multiple calls and emails that go unanswered. Judging from your SalesSignals and customer response success, Zia instead provides 3 different time slots to contact each customer (calls and emails), reducing the time it takes to follow up. Zia also provides macro suggestions of tasks that each user repeats the most, so that the process can be automated. This makes it easier to do everyday tasks like changing the status of a contacted lead. She even lets you copy a fellow teammate’s macros.

Zia communicates with you – through alerts and tips. Zia tracks your CRM usage, and alerts you when an activity has affected your business. When she realizes the way you’re performing isn’t optimum, she brings it to your attention. And when she thinks you can do something better, she gives you a little tip.

She can’t tell you about the weather—you already have plenty of other assistants that can do that—but she can tell you whether you’re going to meet your target. Zia may just change the way you sell.

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