Say hello to Zoho ContactManager’s newest updates. Here’s what you can look forward to! 7 años ago

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At Zoho ContactManager, we are constantly researching and experimenting with methods to improve the way businesses use contact management software. Speaking of improvements, this year, we enhanced our iOS and Android mobile applications, while also adding MS to our growing list of integrations. Now, we are back with three new exciting updates to supercharge your contact management game.

Update #1 – Built-in business card scanner for iOS

Trade shows and customer meetings are incomplete without the universal ritual of exchanging business cards. But what happens after that? When you decide to jump on a quick call with your prospect/customer, it is never an easy task to swiftly pick out a business card from the huge stack of business cards that you are already blessed with.

That’s why some of our users are already using a separate card scanner application to scan their business cards while storing the details of the contact in ContactManager. Although this technique has been working well, we wanted to reduce the additional labor of using one application for contact management and another for scanning business cards.

With this update, Zoho ContactManager now includes a Card scanner as a built-in feature for the iOS app. Here’s a quick illustration of how it works.


This feature is available to all paid users of Zoho ContactManager, and is currently available in the App Store. Also, we are pushing things hard and you can expect this update in our Android app very soon.

Update #2 – Gmail integration

We know how important Gmail is for you. Apart from integration with Zoho Mail and, we now offer direct integration of Gmail into Zoho ContactManager.

This update removes the tiresome way of setting up a POP3 connection for your Gmail account. (Yeah! Our big ears have heard your prayers). As some of you may have already noticed, we have now enabled Gmail as one of the four options in the email setup. Once you connect the service with ContactManager, you can manage all your emails from the Emails dashboard, and also have a quick view of the email transactions of a particular contact in the Contacts tab.

Contact mangement in Zoho ContactManager with Gmail Integration

The Gmail integration is available to all paid users of Zoho ContactManager.

Update #3 – Import a list of companies in bulk

We have finally brought in the much-awaited ‘Import companies’ feature to let you bulk import the details of companies that you connect with. With this update, we are going one step further in eliminating manual data entry from your business.

For all our users who are migrating to Zoho ContactManager from other services, this new bulk import feature is a perfect solution to easily import your list of companies and their information without any hassle. In the same way that you use the Import contacts feature when you pull contacts from an XLS/CSV sheet, the new Import companies update is straightforward. All you have to do is select your file that contains the list of companies and match the column names from your CSV/XLS files to the corresponding field values in the Companies tab.

That sums up the round of updates that we have for today. As I write this, our developers are busy bringing you an exciting integration into Zoho ContactManager, which will make your business process even more simple, connected and truly automated. Stay tuned for more!

Meanwhile, try out our new updates, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Here’s to more of #HappyContacting!

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