Say hello to seamless support management with Zoho SalesIQ’s integration with Zendesk 7 años ago

Do you receive an overwhelming number of support requests through your SalesIQ live chat?

Are you struggling to organize them?

Do you want to combine them with the other support tickets in your Zendesk account?

Here’s the answer to all your woes—integrate your Zoho SalesIQ account with your Zendesk account!

You can now maintain and organize all your support interactions in one place. Integration allows you to navigate between both accounts smoothly and access information across both applications, giving you the combined benefits of Zendesk’s smooth ticket management and SalesIQ’s customer intelligence.

Manage chats and tickets efficiently

Choose whether chats should to be manually converted to support tickets by agents or whether they can be automated based on your configuration. You can choose to automate conversion for all visitors, attended visitors, or missed visitors.

Avoid ticket redundancy by merging tickets when the same customer places a similar or related request.

Organize and sequence requests with labels

Agents can set the priority, status, classification, and department for each chat converted to a request. Labels make routing tickets to the right departments easy, and help agents determine the importance and urgency of each request.

Easy access to information across chat and helpdesk

When chatting with a customer, agents have quick access to other requests that the customer has made through Zendesk. Knowledge of any past or ongoing requests provides context that helps agents to give more efficient support.

Similarly, you can strengthen your support on Zendesk with important customer data, gathered through SalesIQ and pushed along with chats converted to support tickets.

Signature chat button

Add a signature chat button to support email sent from your Zendesk account. Customers can use the button to quickly contact you if they’re dissatisfied or want to give feedback.

No more messy piles of support tickets! Integrate today and make solving customer issues a walk in the park.

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