Present To Your Team From Miles Away With Zoho Show. 8 años ago


Amy, who works from home, suddenly discovers a strategy that will increase her company’s sales by 40% within the next quarter. She decides to put forth the idea to her team and boss back at the office, who work across the globe.

Normally, in this situation, Amy would have to either make a call to convey her ideas, or deal with sending and keeping track of lengthy email threads.

However, Amy is smart; she knows there’s a better way to present her ideas to her coworkers. With Zoho Show, an online presentation tool that lets you connect, interact, and present slides to a remote audience, Amy uses the Broadcast feature to share slides and convince her colleagues virtually.

Let’s take a look at how Amy does this.

Amy opens Broadcast on Zoho Show and begins inviting her team by sharing the presentation link. Her team will be able to view the slides on their browser only when Amy starts the broadcast. Once she begins, the slides are mirrored from her screen (the presenter’s screen) to the participant’s screen. She can set an even pace for her presentation using the Timer and pause it whenever she needs to reply to questions that pop up in the Chat panel. As she presents, Amy notices that the upcoming slide has a graph depicting the sales plan for the next quarter. Here, she chooses to use the Zoom In and Pen tools under the Highlighter feature to focus on crucial information on the slide. She can also take a quick peek at her slide Notes so she can present key points about the sales forecast data to her colleagues.

When Amy finishes presenting, she can Black Out her screen and shift the focus to the discussion happening in the Chat panel. She also lets her team and boss save or download a copy of the presentation, in case they need it for further discussion with C-level executives.

Zoho Show helped Amy win her team over. Now you can do the same.

Don’t let distance limit you. Use Zoho Show and present without barriers.

Happy presenting!

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