Notebook 4.0: Introducing Notebook for Web, Smart Cards, Document Scanning, Web Clipper for Firefox, and Other Cross-Platform Updates 7 años ago

We’re happy to announce another Notebook update, our biggest and brainiest to date.

Notebook 4.0 marks the launch of Notebook for Web, which many of you have been wanting for some time. Then there’s also the introduction of Smart Cards, which intelligently format content you add to Notebook across devices. And if those two things aren’t enough, we’ve also added document scanning along with a redesigned Photo Card, lots of drag and drop to Notebook for iPad Pro, and several other cross-platform updates.

It’s Here: Notebook for Web

As soon as we launched Notebook people immediately asked for a web app. We took our time with it for two reasons: 1) We wanted Notebook to have a world-class, mobile-first foundation; and 2) We wanted strong continuity across every device and platform.

Notebook for Web brings all your notes and notebooks online. You can create Text, Checklist, Photo, and File Cards. To add a custom Notebook cover, simply drag an image from your desktop and drop it on the cover you want to replace. You can create Photo and File Cards in Notebook by dragging and dropping from your desktop, as well. Notes can be grouped, moved, and copied to different notebooks. And both notebooks and notes can be locked with a passcode.

If you have a Notebook account, the web app is automatically available. To sign up for a Notebook account or learn more about the web app, please checkout our website.

Smart Cards: Intelligent content formatting

Smart Cards intelligently format content you add to Notebook, turning random links and web clippings into unique, searchable, groupable note cards. Smart Cards are supported across platforms, including Android. This release features our first three Smart Cards: Recipe Card, Video Card, and Link Card.

Take the Recipe Card for example. When you find a recipe on a site we support and save it to Notebook, we’ll automatically find the recipe photo and description, create a checklist for ingredients, and provide step-by-step cooking instructions. Best of all, everything will be neatly organized into a searchable, groupable Smart Card. Pretty sweet, huh?

For more on Smart Cards, check out this page.

Document Scanning: Scan documents into Notebook

Your phone has a camera and Notebook supports PDFs: document scanning was a no-brainer. To scan a document, simply choose to add a File, and select “Scan Document.” Your device’s camera will turn on, and Notebook, with the help of edge detection, will turn your physical document into a PDF. Notebook can even scan multi-page documents, creating a multi-page PDF. And of course all PDFs, regardless of page count, will be available a distinct, groupable note cards. If you’re on iOS, you can also add documents with the “browse” option, which lets you pick and upload a document from the Files app to Notebook.

Redesigned Photo Card: Now better than ever

The Photo Card has been redesigned, making three things better. First, we’ve given you more screen space when snapping a photo. Second, you can toggle to the right to scan documents from the Photo Card. And third, you can now toggle to the left to bring up your photo gallery, making it easier than ever to select images and add them to Notebook.

iPad Pro: Drag & Drop on iOS 11

We’ve gone all in on iOS 11. Which means you Notebook for iPad Pro has learned tons of new tricks. I wrote about this in a previous blog post, so check that out or this webpage. If you prefer a TL;DR: On iPad Pro you can drag and drop items within Notebook and across apps and it’s freaking awesome.

Web Clippers: Introducing Firefox extension and more

Notebook has made its notable Web Clipper available for Firefox. You can clip the web, drag and drop photos, save links, and read distraction-free with Clean View. All the notes you create will immediately show up in Notebook across devices. The Notebook Web Clipper is also available for Chrome, Safari.

In addition to adding a new Web Clipper, we’ve made some changes to our Chrome and Safari extensions that we think you’ll love. We’ve swapped out the option save a page link with the ability to create Link Cards. Even better, depending on the site you’re browsing, we’ll give you the option to create other Smart Cards, like Recipe Cards or Video Cards. Another change: we’ve redesigned our Reader View. Now you can change the font, font size, and select which of your notebooks you want to save to. Also, when you go to a link of a PDF, you’ll automatically be shown the option to Save to Notebook, which will create a File Card.

For the Mac: Add Smart Cards

Smart Cards aren’t just for the mobile apps. Notebook for Mac also supports, them as well. All Smart Cards you create are beautifully rendered on Mac. And you can create Smart Cards by dragging and dropping links from your browser into Notebook, which will appear on your other devices. You can also right click URLs from any browser, or on content anywhere on Mac and an “Add to Notebook” option will appear.

What’s Next?

We’ll continue to release more Smart Cards. We didn’t get into too much detail about them here, but lookout for a more detailed post about them soon.

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