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Last night, the tech world witnessed the launch of Apple’s latest software update, iOS 11, which promises to restore iPad back to its former glory. As a business app aimed at providing better productivity, we have been analysing the new features of iOS 11 for quite some time now, to exploit it for the benefit of our business users.

With the latest enhancements to our Zoho Books iOS app, we have made extensive use of the iPad’s Drag and Drop functionality to enrich the user experience and simplify your accounting even further.

Here are the latest updates from the Zoho Books iOS app:

Connect with your iOS Contacts.

Finding a customer or a vendor for your business is a critical process. But once you’ve zeroed in on the right person to do business with, you shouldn’t have to duplicate the effort of creating a contact for them in Zoho Books. You can simply drag and drop your iOS contacts into Zoho Books, and do business with them.

Drag and drop locations from Maps.

You can now update a contact’s billing and shipping addresses, or your own organization’s address, by simply dropping the location into the appropriate field. You can also record your mileage expenses for reimbursements, by just dropping the locations into the appropriate fields in Zoho Books and letting it automatically create the expense for you.

Store critical data in Files.

Another important addition to Apple’s iOS 11 is the Files app, the long-overdue file management application. With our latest update, you can now drag relevant items from Files and drop them into Zoho Books as attachments, or download transaction documents effortlessly by dropping them into Files.

Share your business insights with iMessage and Mail.

The next time your team asks you to send the insights of your business, grab a graph from your Zoho Books dashboard and drop it as an image into Apple Mail or iMessage. You can also download graphs by dropping them into the Files application.

Smart contextual integration.

The new update to Zoho Books makes it much smarter and helps make actions automatically based on the context; now, drag and drop any of your invoices into the Reminders app, and Zoho Books will automatically create a reminder for that payment.

Send your invoices through Zoho Mail by dropping your invoice into Zoho Mail and Zoho Books will automatically complete the address and subject fields, populate the message body from your email template, and attach the invoice as a PDF.

Bill your clients for the tasks you maintain in Zoho Projects by dropping your projects into the invoice module and let Zoho Books create a transaction with all the necessary fields completed.

Minimise manual intervention while creating a transaction by dragging and dropping relevant information into the invoice module and watch Zoho Books create transactions contextually. For instance, drag and drop contacts or items into the invoice module to create an invoice with the appropriate fields filled or drag and drop a sales order or estimate into the invoice module to convert it automatically.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! Give the new mobile app a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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