iOS 10 is great for salespeople. Here’s why: 8 años ago


We’ve been raving about all of the features of iOS 10 because Apple has updated its software to let you really work from anywhere. Now, when you’re on the move, you’ll be ready to sell—wherever your customers take you. But are you making the most of it? Here are the top 7 ways you can:

1. A caller ID for your CRM data

When your software and business are made up of contacts, keeping track of client calls becomes a messy, multi-step process. We’ve longed for that day when you could recognize a call from your CRM database. With iOS 10, today that day is finally here! Unknown number? Check the contact: It might just be a customer calling!

2. Bringing customers closer to you

When you’re ready to meet a prospect, iOS 10 is ready to get you there with proactive suggestions. The address information of a customer record in CRM that you’ve most recently opened is predicted to you at the bottom of the screen of your favorite apps—like Uber, WhatsApp, and Maps—so it’s really easy to meet your customer at their preferred location. Once you open Uber, you’ll get a suggestion to book a ride there. Or you can find the fastest route right away when you go into Maps.

3. Easy planning for the busy

With the upgrade of QuickType, planning meetings with prospects or with your sales team around an already busy schedule just got a whole lot easier. As you’re composing an email, key phrases you type like “I’m available at” or “I’ll see you at” trigger your calendar to open up, so you can immediately check to see exactly when you’re free. Go ahead, and pencil that meeting in! You can even have business and personal events synced to the same calendar, so you can stick to one schedule.

4. Type less, sell more

iOS 10 lets you stop doing busy work and start doing business. With the Reminder app, your iPhone turns into your secretary, listening to what you have to say and typing it out for you. Any follow-up task, note, or to-do item you record with Siri (or even on the Zoho CRM app) can be converted into text, so you can see it immediately in that contact’s or lead’s account in CRM.


5. Your day just got smarter

The Today Widget really lets you seize the day, keeping you on top of your planned activities. Check-in to keep your team updated when there’s a 9 a.m. meeting, glance at your calendar to see if you’re free that afternoon to chat with a customer, and schedule a call with them by accessing CRM via your lock screen.

6.Do more from ‘home’

Something we really love about the new iOS update is how much time you save with Force Touch. Applying 3D Touch lets you search for contacts, call them, add tasks, and more from the CRM app icon on your home screen. The app also shows you the widget for the day, so you do what’s most important first.


7. Where socializing and work meet

Although Spotlight Search isn’t a brand new feature in iOS 10, we’re still very excited about the upgraded version. Now you can pull up more information about your contacts across different apps with just one search in CRM. Do a Spotlight Search to see a customer’s contact information, their social media profile, and start building a relationship with them.

We’ve been waiting for something like this to complement what we’ve been wanting to do with the Zoho CRM mobile app. Today, Apple’s given us that opportunity and you’re just a tap away from being ready to sell from anywhere. Download the Zoho CRM mobile app, and share with us how you’re making the most of your iOS10 in the comments below.

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