Introducing Notebook, a Beautifully Simple Note-taking App 8 años ago


Whether you’re capturing a thought, creating a checklist, recording an idea, or snapping a moment, note-taking can be fun with Notebook.

We are excited to announce Notebook, a beautifully simple app designed to make note-taking enjoyable. It is available on iOS and Android, optimized for smartphones and tablets.


Notebook introduces the concept of ‘Note Cards’. Note Cards are built-in templates for capturing various types of content inside Notebook. The Text Card lets you capture anything in a note, while a Checklist Card lets you create, well, checklists. There’s also an Audio Card to record voice notes, and a Photo Card to snap moments. All Note Cards feature randomly generated colors that can be customized.

Notebook makes note-taking fun by providing an interactive experience. You can group Note Cards by pinching them together, then flick a group to view them. In landscape view, Note Cards behave like magnets when you group/ungroup them; you can even collapse your notes like an accordion.

Whether you capture your ideas through a quick note initiated from a 3D Touch or through the widget from the notification bar, Notebook lets you focus on your thoughts and not the tool.

Note Cards can be organized into Notebooks. Each notebook comes with a unique hand-drawn cover from our in-house artists. You can create your own covers by adding any image of your choice.

All of your notes are seamlessly synced across various devices and to the Zoho cloud. No matter which device you use, your notes are always up to date.

Notebook is free (and ad-free), just like our other productivity apps. We think you’ll enjoy the app. Download it and give it a try (iOS, Android).

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