Hey recruiters, candidates want more than just a fat paycheck!! 8 años ago

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The job market is constantly changing, and with it, so are priorities. A few years ago, candidates would choose college majors that offered stable and high paying job options and then work their way up the company ladder—collecting pay raises along the way—until retirement.

The most evident observation from the above conversations is that salary is not the only factor influencing a candidate’s decision to leave his or her current job for a new company and job title. They are now looking for roles that will challenge them, provide ample opportunities to learn new skills, and ultimately provide job satisfaction.

Help them make a good decision

A recent CV-Library survey of over 2,300 professionals, found that over 93 percent of responders “feel more valued when an employer offers development opportunities.”

When asked what makes them choose a certain job over another, roughly 26 percent said they saw greater development opportunities, 21 percent were looking for a healthier work-life balance, and 15 wanted better overall job satisfaction. Compare that to the mere 14 percent who said they looked for a higher salary.

Another recent report called “Talent Trends 2015” from LinkedIn also presents similar insights in regards to passive candidates (candidates who are being considered for a position, but are not actively searching for a job). The report states that while 49 percent looked for a higher salary, 33 percent sited better professional development as an interest in switching jobs.

For recruiters, this means understanding your candidate’s background and skill set more than ever before. Luckily, Zoho Recruit‘s ‘resume preview‘ feature inside the candidate module makes this a breeze.

Every time there is a resume attachment in a candidate profile, it will be highlighted with a binocular symbol. That way, you can get a quick glance at his/her other skill set and qualifications while pitching the candidate to a client and job opening. Just search for the candidate and get the resume on your screen.

Become “skill hunters”

Experts from the recruitment industry have insisted that modern recruiters should evolve into “skill hunters”, rather than simply job board dependents. Expert recruitment consultant, Greg Savage, has always been vocal about how recruiters must find ways to reach out to talent and also find ways for talent to reach you.

Zoho Recruit let recruiters post a job opening with the most specific qualifications or skills
they are looking for in a candidate. Not only can you add the job opening status, but also mention the industry specifications, work experience and skill set requirements, and a detailed description of both the job opening and the company. This will help an aspiring candidate fully understand the role he or she is applying for.

Do your research beforehand

If candidates expect more from a company when making a job switch, they expect more from their recruiters also. More than ever, recruiters need to dedicate time to researching everything they can about a company from work atmosphere to employee benefits, and even whether or not they offer in-house learning programs, provision for parallel work and study opportunities and also scope to travel to different places while on duty.

The LinkedIn Talent Trends 2015 report also highlighted that over “two thirds of professionals would take a lower salary in return for sponsorship of a recognized qualification from their employer.”

Zoho Recruit allows recruiters to attach any number of documents within their job openings module. So, you can attach documents of the various training programmes, certificate courses or any other specializations that the client provides. These can be published both on the custom careers website and also on the job boards, enabling job aspirants to be well informed about the job openings they are applying for.

Recruitment has evolved from manual monitoring on an excel sheet to a systematic process with end-to-end analysis. Recruiters are now striving to not just get a job for candidates, but create real careers. Careers, that are meaningful, serve common goals, and work on making that difference all at the crossroads of passion and purpose.

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