Free e-book Download: Managing and Securing Mobile Devices for Dummies 7 años ago

Free ebook Download

Everything you need to know about managing and securing mobile devices

This e-book explores how Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help cultivate mobility in your organization without compromising data security.

To effectively manage your enterprise setup, it is important to understand the entire mobile landscape from enterprise-owned to user-owned (BYOD) devices. To give new users a comprehensive introduction to MDM, this e-book covers the following topics:

  • Creating device management guidelines
  • Overcoming mobile security threats
  • Making the most of BYOD and corporate-owned devices


Organizations are moving to mobile devices to serve the communication and computing needs of their people. These devices enable greater mobility, faster responses, and higher productivity. At the same time, mobile devices present new challenges in areas such as compatibility, security, access, and device management.

The rapid growth of mobile technology has created some new concerns for enterprise. Unlike the traditional workstation that typically resided within your physical workspace, mobile devices can be used from a wide variety of locations, thus making controlling access to corporate resources and securing apps far more complicated.

Rapidly evolving mobile environments demand that organizations have the ability to adapt and adjust quickly to remain competitive while ensuring the security of their assets and the data they store.

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