Autodraw, external camera/speaker support and more with the latest Jamboard release 6 años ago

As we continue to add new features to the overall Jamboard experience, the latest Jamboard release brings several new features―to both devices and the Jamboard app―to help people more easily and efficiently get their ideas out. We’re also adding a new feature to help admins to manage the ownership of Jams within their domain.

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Ownership sharing configuration for unclaimed Jams
To ensure that Jams get assigned to the correct owner, we’re adding an email confirmation step to claim an unclaimed Jam. Once an admin has enabled this option, when working with an unclaimed Jam, users will need to confirm ownership via email before they are added as an owner. Users can enter multiple in-domain email addresses to confirm ownership, directly from the Jam. Those user(s) will receive an email asking if they’d like to claim the document and the first user to confirm becomes the owner.

This feature prevents sharing of content before an owner is assigned.

Admins can configure this setting (which is off by default) for the domain in the Jamboard Admin console.

Animated frame changes with page numbers
Whenever you change a frame on your Jamboard device, we now will show a distinct frame-change animation along with the page number.

USB camera support
Users can connect a USB camera and select which camera feed they want to use (either USB camera or internal camera) in the settings panel of the Jamboard kiosk.

S/PDIF audio support
Users can attach external speakers to the board via S/PDIF (a rear port on the back of the device for optical audio). For a full list of new features and improvements from this month’s release, check out the What’s New in Jamboard page in the Help Center.

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