Why ZOHO Recruit’s new Career page themes give you the creative edge 8 años ago


For companies looking to hire the best and brightest candidates, the days of throwing together a job description and posting it on your website with little effort are over. Candidates are no longer looking for any job. They’re looking to work at companies with a story and a brand. A brand candidates want to be included in.

Candidates interested in applying to a job at your company typically consider how well you’ve presented the job posting to them. Simply said, candidates don’t want to apply to a company that looks boring.

At Zoho Recruit, we offer you an exciting and free way for employers to make job postings more creative. Zoho Recruit features five Career page themes you can use from your account to make your job posting on your website look professional, neat, and easy to apply to.

Earlier, with just one template a company career page lacked the ability to brand and customise your page to your existing website. Now you can modify the look of your page so it looks like it is part of the rest of your website.

How do I do that?

To customise your company career page with one of the five new templates, simply:

  • Click on the setup button above the dashboard.
  • Choose the Career Website Integration page. Click settings next to the page name. (“Careers” by default)
  • Choose “Themes” on the top right panel.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon that is next to “Choose Job Opening Details Template”.
  • Choose the template you think is a best fit for your company and save it!
  • Learn more about How to select templates.

But why Templates?

The templates we provide you are designed in a way that it highlights the key features of the job posting. They give a unified appearance, making it easier for the candidate to see if the job is right for him/her. Plus, it saves time for the admin, having not to create his/her own theme to make it look easy.

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