Two games, one goal: more sales 7 años ago


It’s no secret that salespeople are naturally competitive. It’s that drive that gets them through rough days or months. It pushes them past the endless barrage of “no’s” they suffer through before hearing a “yes.” And it’s what makes all the cold calling, forecasting, and data entry worth it.

Despite this natural competitive spirit, it doesn’t mean there aren’t days when that drive is weaker than others. Fortunately, there are now two ways to keep sales numbers up and sales teams engaged.

The data-centric way:

Motivator is a data driven gamification product that works directly with Zoho CRM. If you want to drive the right sales behaviors based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and meet targets easier than ever, Motivator is the tool for you. Managers can create a scorecard or start games between teammates based on any KPI and broadcast it on Motivator TV for everyone to see. By increasing visibility to these day-to-day activities and focusing more on leading indicators, sales managers can motivate their teams to reach long term goals and uncharted heights.

Let’s assume calls have been down for a couple months in a row. Sales managers can see this from company, team, or individual scorecards and decide to create a contest between everyone on the team to see who can make the most calls over the next two weeks. That way, teammates don’t feel the pressure of making more calls, and instead enjoy the spirit of competition and motivation to win against their teammates.

And with the option to broadcast the leaderboard on Motivator TV, everyone’s hard work receives the recognition it deserves. With Motivator, you can discover who your true stars are and push those who need a little extra encouragement.

The engagement way:

Similar to a pickup game of basketball or backyard touch football, not all contests or games are serious affairs. Some are just for fun. That’s why we decided to have a little fun in sales by adding a gamification feature inside our CRM (available for the Enterprise , Professional, CRM Plus and Ultimate versions).

Gamescope lets users create games between individuals or teams. The challenges are based on routine sales activities such as mails sent or notes added. The games have virtual forms of recognition and there’s a first, second and third position for users who frequently win games. The best part is, these games are entirely for fun and aren’t meant as a way for sales managers to monitor your team’s performance. No pressure!

Along with games, sales team members can also compete with themselves by earning badges for completing tasks. With Gamescope, your team can have fun while completing their daily tasks. The perfect escape from a hectic workday.

Gamification with CRM makes work easier for your sales team and managers. By breaking the routine, sales personnel don’t have to worry about mundane tasks getting boring, especially when their performance keeps improving and revenue keeps going up.

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