Start Accepting Recurring Payments in India 7 años ago

Are you running a subscription business in India? If you’re a magazine seller, a tutor, a gym instructor, or a SaaS company, the idea of automatically charging customers on schedule has probably crossed your mind.

Over the last few years, there has been a gradual and global increase in the number of businesses opting for the recurring payments model. It should come as no surprise to see curiosity about this trend occurring among Indian businesses, as well. Recurring billing has a lot of perks from a merchant’s perspective, including a steady revenue stream, better cash flow projection, high customer retention rate, and so on.

Why recurring billing is not mainstream yet in India.

As recurring billing has caught global attention, it has been streamlined and improved with current technology. One such aspect of recurring billing is the concept of auto-charge. Auto-charge lets merchants charge customer credit cards automatically without manual intervention. Though this seems like an efficient system to adopt to reduce manual work, in India—as you may already know—it comes with its fair share of complications. There have been a lot of discussions about the RBI’s sketchy Two-factor Authentication (2FA) policies, and there’s also the risk of chargebacks with regards to customer refunds.

Contrary to some earlier interpretations, recurring billing with auto-charge is very much feasible in India, provided the first transaction takes place with an appropriate form of Two-factor Authentication. An intermediate layer between banks and customers, in the form of a trustworthy payment gateway integration to balance the risk of chargebacks, is the need of the hour.

How you can use Zoho and Razorpay to enjoy seamless recurring payments.

Zoho’s recently announced integration with Razorpay lets you bid adieu to these worries and get on board the recurring billing bandwagon. Periodic billing has never been easier: Just set up a recurring schedule and effortlessly auto-charge your customers’ credit cards. As simple as that!

Merchants across India can streamline their billing cycles and enjoy a low risk of chargebacks without paying more than the minimal transaction fee of 2% plus service taxes. If you’re using any of our finance apps (Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Subscriptions, and Zoho Inventory), setting up recurring billing with Razorpay is a breeze. Click here to learn more.

It’s time to start charging your customers on auto mode with Zoho. You can comment below or drop in a mail at support[at]zohofinance[dot]com to share your thoughts and queries.

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