Introducing Zoho Workplace – A comprehensive suite of cloud applications for your workplace 7 años ago

We are glad to announce Zoho Workplace – an integrated suite of applications that simply put your entire office on the cloud. Zoho Mail is now one of nine essential productivity and collaboration applications included in Zoho Workplace.

Almost any job involves similar activities. People create stuff—like plans, proposals, drawings, presentations, and evaluations. They use tools like spreadsheets, editors, and presentation tools to compose their work. Often they get together and compose in collaboration with colleagues. They store their work and make it selectively available to others—to either collaborate, review or consume. They also communicate with people inside and outside their organization—like customers, partners and perhaps other teams.

All of this must simply work together elegantly and securely on the cloud. That’s exactly what the Workplace suite does.

With Zoho Workplace, your team will be empowered with all the essential tools to create, collaborate and communicate effectively, in one place. The nine applications included in Zoho Workplace can be better perceived as serving three needs:

  • Communication tools led by Zoho Mail (modern business email), with Zoho Chat (instant messaging tool), and Zoho Connect (a corporate social network) for other forms of modern corporate communications.

The good news for you is that we went very easy on the price.

Here are the new plans:

Note: For all our Indian customers, we also have India specific pricing, starting at Rs. 99/month. European Union customers can access EU pricing by visiting

If you are on a current payment schedule that you prefer, you can choose to keep that. You will be grandfathered into your current plan and you will never be forced to upgrade to any new pricing plan. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll see that we’ve simply put more value behind your money.

Here’s what you get:

More storage:

Lots and lots of storage. When we surveyed our customers for what they would like to see improve the most in Zoho Mail, the overwhelming majority of you screamed for more storage. The Workplace suite gives you that, in abundance. The Standard plan now offers 30GB worth of storage per user, an increase from 10GB. The Pro plan goes up from 15GB to a whopping 100GB.

Under-the-hood improvements:

We’ve made a few “under-the-hood” improvements to our infrastructure that makes Zoho Mail faster, more secure, and even more reliable. We’re making improvements in our Spam algorithms so that your inbox looks a lot cleaner. We’ve bolstered our support team to handle higher support traffic and to reduce response times.

No necessity for 3rd party integrations:

A major advantage to Zoho Workplace is having multiple applications that simply work well together. This saves you the trouble of having to create accounts with different vendors, and then go through the hassle of integrating their applications together.

An ad-free commitment, forever:

While we’ve made all these improvements, our core values remain unchanged. All of our products are still 100% ad free. They always will be. We will never show you ads. Neither will we ever peek into your inbox and scan for keywords that can make us money. Our commitment to your security and privacy will always be uncompromising.

To try Workplace, visit You will see a list of all the apps in the suite. Simply click on an app to try it out.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, or write to us at We’ll get back to you quickly.

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