Introducing Zoho Social for Digital Agencies 7 años ago

Zoho Social for Agencies

Two years ago, we launched Zoho Social to help individual businesses grow and manage their presence across popular social media networks.

Last year, we built an integration that made Zoho Social the first tool to generate new leads and track revenue from social media marketing efforts.

Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from our agency customers, we’re thrilled to introduce—Zoho Social for Agencies—a special edition of Zoho Social that caters to the needs of digital agencies managing social media for multiple brands. This edition enables agency members to work together as a team, while keeping their clients in the loop whenever they need to.

If you’re an agency, here’s what makes Zoho Social a great fit for you:

One platform to manage all your clients.
Bring all your clients together with a single tool. As an admin, you can specify roles for various team members and assign them to different brands, making it easy to handle multiple clients as your agency grows.

A social media tool with your name on it.
Make Zoho Social your own by branding the interface with your agency’s domain name, logo, and favicon. With this custom-labeling, your logo will also appear on reports and custom invite emails sent to your clients, helping you reinforce your agency brand.

Bring your clients into the conversation.
Good client management requires clear communication between you and the brands you work with. Rather than chasing down important stakeholders and struggling to keep track of client emails, bring those conversations into Zoho Social, so everyone stays on the same page. Save time and energy by embracing a more collaborative social media management process.

Track your Facebook lead ad campaigns and generate new business opportunities.
Monitor your clients’ Facebook lead ad campaigns in real time, and then push the leads you’ve gained to Zoho CRM directly without downloading any files.

Not just that, Zoho Social helps you manage all aspects of your clients’ social media presence:

  • Manage the content pipeline for each of your clients individually with Zoho Social’s intuitive publishing calendar. If you need to make changes to the schedule later, simply drag and drop a post to a different date.
  • Use SmartQ to automatically schedule posts for times when your followers are most likely to engage. SmartQ suggests when you should publish a post by analyzing past engagement patterns from each social network.
  • Monitor social media activities such as hashtags, likes, and mentions for each of your clients, in a multi-column layout that’s customizable to your needs.
  • Create and share unlimited reports with your clients, with pre-built statistics that can aggregate and compare outcomes across multiple social networks.

Zoho Social for Agencies is available in two plans—Agency and Agency Plus. Check out the agency edition and sign up for a 15-day free trial, today.

Go ahead, give it a spin and share your feedback with us. We’re very excited about this new edition and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

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