Introducing Reporting Tags in Zoho Books: Sorting your Reports is now just a Tag away! 8 años ago

Reporting Tags: Zoho Books

Kumar is a retailer who sells mobile accessories and has business in three major cities: Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. He needs to generate a report that organizes his transactions by city to see how well his company has fared in each of the three markets.

With the new Reporting Tags feature in Zoho Books, this level of organization is now possible. Companies with multiple divisions and cost centers can use Reporting tags to help maintain their various accounts under a single roof.

Create reporting tags with phrases made of short keywords to help you filter and generate customized reports. You can associate a tag to categorize particular groups of transactions and generate a report based on these tags.

Tag ‘em all!

Tags can make your life a whole lot easier; save yourself time and find your transactions much faster by associating them with specific tags! You can associate these tags to all your sales and purchase transactions like Estimates, Sales Order, Invoices, Expenses, Purchase Orders, Bills, Credit Notes and Vendor Credits.

Customize your reports.

For Sharma, a successful restaurant owner, Sundays are a huge boon for his business; his weekend sales are close to 50% more than his weekday business. If he wants to generate a report for his weekends alone, he can associate a tag to all his weekend transactions and generate a customized report for a more focused analysis of his weekend business.

Gone are the days when you had to manually sort and categorize your reports. Just click on these tags and your reports will be sorted in no time! You can customize your profit-loss report, balance sheet, and account transactions based on these tags.

Itemize and Personalize.

Tags don’t just organize each of your individual transactions by category; they can also be used to group items together for product-based reports. For instance, John sells different items in different regions: shirts and trousers in the U.S., footwear in the U.K., and cosmetics in India. To keep his product reports separate, he can associate tags to each group of items and generate a customized report, instead of tagging each and every transaction.

Tags can even be used to organize expenses by contact. John can also associate tags to contacts who supply him with a particular brand of accessories and create personalized reports for those contacts.

With Reporting Tags, John’s got his business sorted, and he wants you to try it too!

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