Introducing Polling: Know the pulse of your audience with Zoho ShowTime. 8 años ago


Kyle delivers a presentation to a bunch of management students. During his session, he poses questions out loud to improve participation and gather input. Unfortunately, these types of questions don’t always give you the best results. You get stock answers, or many students sit silently because they are afraid to speak in front of others. Poor Kyle has a difficult time figuring out where he went wrong.

Let’s face it, we don’t mean it when we say, “I do not need a rating” or “what my viewers think is none of my business”. In reality we are concerned about our audiences’ opinion. So how do we bridge this gap?

Introducing audience polling for Zoho ShowTime.

ShowTime’s polls help you understand your audience’s point of view by asking them questions at regular intervals so they stay focused during your presentation. With polls, the speaker will now receive genuine and honest answers. You can create a poll in a snap and get responses to display on the large screen in real-time.

Old surveys use the multiple choice format. ShowTime’s polls offer more.

1. Let your audience express their opinions with Text Box.
This is a simple way to foster engagement. Text box lets you extract multiple opinions, receive anonymous responses, and test conceptual skills.

2. Evaluating poll worthiness with Rating.
One of the best ways to measure and improve is by gauging customer satisfaction so you can customize presentations and evaluate the strength of your message.

3. Choosing the best answer from the lot, Multiple Choice Polls.
This poll can help you analyze the difficult courses and help attendees suggest topics to address and discover their prior knowledge.

For a speaker who strives to improve with every presentation, analytics are everything. That’s why Zoho ShowTime gives you a thorough breakdown of your poll’s performances. These details can be used to identify trends, improve customer satisfaction, and track employee performance.

Whether you’re an educator, trainer or presenter, ShowTime aims to make your sessions more interactive. With audience polling you can now give your audience a voice. So, what are you waiting for ? Create Polls now!

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