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Customers these days can come from anywhere. According to a survey by DemandWave, social media is one of the better lead generation channels, accounting for about 55% of the business involved. Many potential customers navigate to an organization’s page on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While there, customers tag the business in posts, like their pages, and share posts where the business is mentioned. Because social media makes it easy for potential customers and sales reps to interact with each other, it’s important that an organization keep track of these activities to pull out leads and contacts. But there is a difference between generating leads and generating revenue from those leads.

Source: DemandWave, “State of B2B Digital Marketing” report.

According to The Content Factory, the average cost of a social media campaign can range anywhere from $1000 to about $20,000. But are you getting something in return? That’s the question every business owner and entrepreneur needs to ask themselves. Likes, shares, comments, and retweets are all well and good, but are they quantifiable assets? For a social media campaign to be called successful, you need to generate leads, convert them, and, of course, close deals to generate actual revenue.

We asked our customers about the success of their social media campaigns, and most of the time, the reply was the same. They had trouble generating leads, even though their campaign was well received. All those likes and shares weren’t being converted.

Long hours spent scrolling through countless social media activities to pick out potential customers is not how a good business is run. A good CRM is supposed to help your sales reps spend more time selling and keep the data entry down to a minimum. We simplified tracking social chatter, and, more importantly, we made it easier to convert that chatter into actionable leads into your sales pipeline by automating the entire process with a workflow.

Configure your Social channel then sit back and watch as:

  • Every like, share, and retweet gets converted into leads.
  • Every person messaging you gets added as a contact.

Now that you’ve started capturing those leads in your CRM, you can’t just have them sitting around. Automatically assign them to your reps through the lead assignment rule and schedule a follow-up task. Never let a possible deal slip through your fingers.

With Zoho CRM’s newest feature, automate the entire process of lead acquisition with just a couple of clicks, and focus on delivering quality products and services to customers.

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