3 Easy Tips to Make Searching for Your Files Painless​ 7 años ago

89th Academy Awards

We have always known how small things can have greatest impact. Who would have thought a minor thing as typography could have created a blunder as that in The 89th Academy Awards or created a product as great as that of Apple computers?!

Likewise, a simple thing as that of naming your file could save you so much time and trouble in finding the right one out of the bunch. For instance, let’s say you once saved a file that you received from your client named as — Product specs – (update: version 28). It would be tricky to remember either the file name or its version number when needed immediately. Especially, to find them among dozens upon dozens of documents you’re sent by clients or colleagues (not to mention your own stash).

That’s why a file name that’s both concise and clear becomes very important. If you’re looking for a better way to name your documents, these tips should help.

1. The file nomenclature:

Even though files and folders help you sort and organise your files better, they become futile when you accumulate them over a period of time. Having a consistent structure to name a file makes it easy for you to find them faster. Here is a template you can follow:

Details you need:
– Project name
– Hint what the document is about
– Date of creation

Details to avoid:
– Special characters (For example – * & % + $ #)
– Adding “Final” or “Latest”​​

2. All versions in one document:

Creating a new document for each version of a draft is messy and unwieldy. Forget remembering each one of them. And using terms such as “Final” or “Latest” just adds more to the confusion. That’s why Zoho Docs offers you a feature to create and name a version of a draft within the same document.

3. Universally understandable:

On the clock or off, multitasking in front of multiple screens and stimuli is how most of us spend our days. In some ways, that digital lifestyle is what helps us to be more productive. But it’s also one of the things that has made our attention spans shorter, so much so that information consumption usually happens when the message is short and presented in the most noticeable format. In fact, most work items are created in collaboration with one or more teams. This calls for the file names to be specific yet descriptive.

In short, the file name has to be easily searchable, and should give an idea about the content of the document.

Follow these simple steps tips to make your file search a simple process. Make organising files and folders an easy task with Zoho Docs.

If you have more tips on file taxonomy, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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